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Faster Pussycat, Kill Bill

September 2019 The Hive Gallery Presents:

“Faster Pussycat, Kill Bill” + “Banana Phone” & more!
Opening Sept.7th, 8-11pm
Show runs: Sept.7th – Sept. 29th
$5 suggested donation on opening night (Donations Help Keep the Hive Alive)
10% off drinks at our neighbor, Peking Tavern

Featured Artist 1: Lordess Foudre
Featured Artist 2: “Faster Pussycat, Kill Bill”- curated by Christie Shinn
Featured Tall Wall: Sherry Muzec (Shiori Nehashi)
Featured Small Wall: Zenbunny Studios

“Banana Phone”- Curated by Tiff Smith and Andy Hengl
The sequel to a successful pop-up at the 800 Gallery in February, Banana Phone is a group art show derived from the popular party game “Telephone.”
Eight artists, each working in a different medium, created an original piece, which was passed to another artist to re-create or interpret in their media of choice, and then passed down the line six more times. 
The resulting 64 art pieces will be revealed to the artists – and the public for the first time on September 7 at The Hive.
Join us on this adventure and see puppets turned into paintings, cardboard turned into characters, music, photography, and more!

Tiff Smith (Cardboard)
Caitlin Laingen (Paint Portraits)
Chelsea Pickens (Puppets)
KATBING (one word)(Wood Cutouts)
Julie Pearson (Character Monologues)
Devin Davis (Songs)
Leone Anne Reeves (Words, Performance & Illustration)
Jason Travis (Photography)

FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL BILL: curated by Christie Shinn

Erin Garey
Erin Reynolds
Jill “Pooky” Behunin
Adrianna Valeria
Johnny Ryan
Justine Park
The Artist Rose
Brad Rader
Dan Panosian
Lawrence Hubbard
Kimte Hardin
Rafael Navarro
Jake Valentine
Nicole Fillatrault
Faith Betinis
Eunsoo Jeong
Afua Richardson
Lady Beaver
Iona Uradreams
Yanis Zambeiz
Brandon Noriesta
Sawyer Hurwitz
Sable Nance
Opan Unicorn
Scott Shaw
Dick Cherry
Ellen Schinderman
Nicole De Jesus
Sierra Bronkhorst
Mark Ravelo
Steve Hernandez
Caleb Emerson
Megan Nicolosi
Rene Pompa
Edgar Takoyaki
Aaron Kirchmaier
Chase Osborne
Rafael Colon
Josh Stebbins
Peter Soby
Carl Lozada
David Nicolato

and many more!

New Resident Artists:

Kristine Augustyn
Anna Von Hoff
Ally Mathieu
Josfine Chumley
Liz Covington
Sam Collins
Bonnie Robinson Stewart
Lori Herbst
Gray’s Oddities

The One and Only Super Bee!
Big Epoch

Featured Resident Artists:
Alexzandra Chandler / Alexis Michael / Astrolab / Arlou Somo /
Christopher Olson / Daisuke Okamoto / Gian Flores Norte / Greg Gould /
Jennifer Korsen / Linzy Miggantz / Louie Metz / Opal Unicorn / Opened
Jesus / Lady Beaver / Marcel DeJure / Nicole Filiatrault / Patrick Haemmerlein /
Robyn Alatorre / Xian Pitt / Starskee Eleganza Suave / Racecar 13/ Sandy
Shimooka / Taku Ichinose / Teod Tomlinson / Wendy Little

Resident Artists:
Abbybelle / Alex Ramos / Alexandria Sandlin / Azure / Christie
Shinn / David Reyes / Doug Meyer / Eddie Xu / Emrys Wright / Siobhan
Radke / Brandon Duyan /Jinx Art / J.Salvador /Keith Wong / Kimberly McCaskey (Hungry Uterus)
/ Mark Beachum / Mike Street / Nathan Cartwright / PAZ / Preston
Thomas / Roxanne Zidell / Sam Salerni / Ursula Harris / Sol Luongo /
Superpao / Tiffany Van Hoff /Yanis Zambeis /

Michael Allen / El Mescalito / Nathan Cartwright

Christopher Ulrich / Nathan Cartwright / Michael Allen / Bill McEvoy /
GMONIK / TEWSR / Stephen Holman / Stephanie Weitekamp / Arlou Somo /

Later Event: October 5
The Coaster Show 2019