Reality is subjective. To many, the worlds within our minds are more real to us than what we think we see with our eyes. My work provides a window into those worlds.

  My creative endeavors are ongoing explorations of inviting audiences into disarming scenarios, letting them face the worlds that lurk in the periphery of their reality, and providing a space that allows them to cleverly challenge their own assumptions so that they may indirectly reconstruct a more uniquely empathetic worldview.

  Using a variety of media, traditional and digital, I work through a process of “organized chaos,” to create pieces that are visually engaging and approachable but, upon closer examination, reveal subject matter that may be commonly seen as being uncomfortable and taboo.

  I lure folks into enjoying subversive content. I think people ultimately want to be challenged – want to better understand themselves and those around them – want to take part in shaping a more surreal vision of their own reality.